Monday, 12 May 2008

The Style and Fashion Sense of a Three Year Old.

As a parent, you pick and choose your battles. If your child wants to watch tv wearing sunglasses, you let them, simply because you want to avoid a meltdown. We have numerous meltdowns a day over tiny things - so I chose to pick my battles when it came to Ryan coming out of his bedroom wearing this. Thank goodness we didn't need to go anywhere, so I let him wear it to avoid yet another tantrum. When I told him it didn't match he said "yes, it does. Fishies and water match". Okay then, sunshine.

Then there is this... He kept nudging me when I was reading an article, calling himself "Shrek". I looked at him and this is what I saw. He loves to have his picture taken so that's why he has such a silly proud grin.

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grandma Jenn said...

looks like he learns from the very best Amanda, I taught you well to pass it on to your own children. I love it!