Sunday, 25 May 2008


I feel really bad when life is just passing me by and I'm not doing anything to document it. To be honest, the last few days have had things that happened but they weren't anything to write down to try to remember. I feel life is exciting yet so mundane sometimes. During my pregnancies I documented everytime I felt something or knew something new. After I had Ryan I even documented how I was feeling and how things went with his weight issues and all. With Cayden, it's been different. I ~want~ to document about those things, I just haven't had the time. 70% of the day is full of Cayden crying. Even when he's trying to eat. It's awful. Another 10% is when he is quiet, yet Ryan doesn't know any different since Cayden has cried non-stop since he was born, and goes over to do something to him to make him cry since he thinks that's what baby's are supposed to do. 15% is when Cayden is sleeping. And the other 5% is when I can do something with both the boys because they're both being quiet enough that I can. I'm lucky if I get an hour at night to myself to update my family on what's happening and going on, let alone update my own records. I really need to though, before I forget what happened and when. I have them jotted down on paper, but the minor details (everyone knows I like to be detailed in what I write) might slip away and be forgotten. All the stuff I document is going to be printed out and put into a book for part of my boys graduation gifts. To show them all they have accomplished and acheived over their lives. I really need to get cracking, wouldn't you say?

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