Sunday, 18 May 2008

Go Super Dan!

One of Mike's gym acquaintances, Dan Sowerby is going to be on the TV show Gladiators tonight! I was pretty surprised someone from such a small town made it on a TV show like that. I remember watching it as a kid thinking the people were amazing athletes, but never in a million years did I think I would know (or anyone that I know would know) anyone going on the show! Good luck 'Super Dan'!

Dan came in second. It was so close. He was ahead by points throughout the entire show, and once they got to the final competition he got an 11 second head start because he was so ahead on points. He lost his footing stepping onto the platform after using the arm bike and because he fell, he was given a 15 second penalty which is when his opponent took the lead. Dan got a second chance to catch up once his opponent fell back down the inclined conveyor belt, but again, he lost his footing and fell too. His opponent got back up the incline with no problems while Dan was waiting his turn after getting another time penalty. It's a shame he didn't win, but he gave it his best!

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