Thursday, 31 July 2008

Child for sale

For the last three and a half months Ryan has refused to go to bed without a fight. It's tiring and it's getting old. The last three nights he has torn his room apart while he's in there. I go to check on him before I go to bed and it looks like an atomic bomb and a tornado went through there. What do I do? I've taken things away (privileges), I've tried sticker charts, I've tried a few other things and I am at a loss. I ~need~ some me time before I go to bed, because Cayden is getting up at the crack of dawn and I also need to pump before I go to bed. He's been getting up (to which my only action is put him back in bed without saying anything) and playing and crying and screaming for almost 1.5 hours now. Ugh. I think I want to cry, myself.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Sick boy.

I'm glad that Ryan can now speak well enough to tell me what is wrong when he's hurt, not feeling well, etc.. It makes parenting so much easier. For the last two days Ryan has had a fever. It's easily broken with Tylenol but soon creeps back up again once the medicine starts to wear off. He just kept saying "I'm tired mammy, I'm tired" the first day. Yesterday he was bouncing. Literally, bouncing. Today he wakes up and he's so warm! 101.5. Nothing to panic at, but not something to ignore either. I give him some Tylenol and he lays on the sofa. He looks and me and says "Mamma, my tummy hurts. And my mouth (nouf - haha) hurts, and my eyes hurt. I don't feel well." It was so sweet and yet heartbreaking because I don't want him to be unwell. I hope he starts feeling himself soon. I also hope Cayden doesn't get whatever it is that Ryan seems to have. Cayden has been warm today, but nothing too bad. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Friday, 25 July 2008

I Feel Awful

Ryan fell today.

We were walking home from being in town and he wanted to see the big crocodile (a person dressed as one, anyway). I told him that the crocodile would be there tomorrow too, so we'd go see him then as we needed to get home so I could feed Cayden. We continue walking, he's holding my hand. We get to a large hill that is just before a tunnel we frequently go through, and he says "I want to see the cockolyle" I told him "you can tomorrow, mammy will take you up to see him tomorrow". He gets in a huff and pulls his hand to try to get it out of my hand. Just as he does this his hand slips out of my hand (it was hot here today so our hands were sweaty), he slips on some loose gravel and falls straight forward nearly hitting his face on the ground. Poor little guy. He scraped his knee and the back of one of his forearms. He's never actually fallen and gotten a scrape before, so this is a first. He is babying his "owwees" tonight. He wouldn't even crawl into bed; he had to have me put him in there. haha! I told him once he went to sleep, he should feel better in the morning. I hope he does. I feel awful that his hand slipping out of mine (fair enough he was trying to pull it out) caused him to get hurt.

Monday, 21 July 2008

For Rachael

Please excuse the naked chest

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ryan went to a birthday party for one of his friends today. The place is called Funky Monkies

And a cute one of Cayden.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Some photos of our day.

Ryan put his sunglasses on Cayden. haha

Not too bad for first thing in the morning.

Ryan and "Auntie" Kaye

Monday, 14 July 2008

The Wonderful Sound of a Baby Chuckle

Cayden chuckled for the first time this morning! I was tickling him and he chuckled, it was so cute!
My heart melted though, when Ryan was being silly and Cayden started smiling and chuckled at him. :) So sweet.

"I'm Happy Now"

When Ryan gets into trouble, we've been putting him in time out in his bedroom. He is told once he calms down that he is allowed to come out, but until he's happy he has to stay there. This is becoming slightly ineffective. He's decided that when we're taking him to his room he says "I'm happy now" and thinks that he'll not get sent to his room. He still has to go, and it breaks my heart to discipline him that way and when he says that it makes it really hard to resist.
He's been saying "I'm happy now" for other reasons too, which surprises me a little. He says "I'm getting tired, mammy" and I'll tell him he can go lay down and he'll start going, turn around and say "I'm happy now" to which I tell him he's not in trouble, but if he's tired he needs to lay down. He said it this morning while watching cartoons and I told him he could lay on the couch and rest. He looks at me and says "I'm happy now". I told him I knew he was happy, but he could still lay down for a bit. Needless to say he's chasing Mike around the house just now, so he must be "happy now" and not tired anymore.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

I'm Exhausted

My boys have decided that getting up between 5 and 6am is FUN! If Cayden is the only one awake, I will doze on the couch a bit while he's playing with one of his kick or tummy toys. Once Cayden gets tired I will attempt to take him back to bed, if Ryan isn't awake yet. This is proving difficult, as most of the time, Ryan is awake by the time Cayden wants to go back to sleep. Ugh. I'm a zombie. I suppose it doesn't help that I've been addicted to a book series and have been staying up WAY later than I should. I'm working on trying to rectify that.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another Rough Week, But He's Taking it Like a Champ.

So, Cayden has another rough week this week. Yesterday, he had his three month shots. I wanted to slap the woman that did them. It was a different lady this time than who usually does them. The one that does them normally (she did Ryan's and the first set of Cayden's) puts the shots up on the diaper line of his leg, near his bum. She also does them quickly. She has me hold his leg and arm, gives the injection, then has me switch him quickly and does the same thing to the other side so that he can be on my shoulder in as little as a minute! So quick! This lady took FOREVER and put them right in the center of his thigh! The poor little man has huge red lumps on his legs now. He was a trooper though. He only cried while she was doing them (which, again took forever) and once he was on my shoulder, he was fine. He had a rough night last night, but I think it's the tail end of a growth spurt as well as a comfort thing from yesterday.

Today, Cayden had to go for his micturation cystogram. We had to be at the hospital at 9:30 this morning. I was quite surprised because Cayden was in the BEST mood! He was smiling and everything. I was getting ready to feed him in the waiting room, when the nurse came in ready to do what needed to be done to prepare him for the cystogram. She asked if she could just put some gel on his private bits to numb them for when the catheter was going to be put in. I said sure. We went in, she cleaned him off and put the gel in his foreskin and 'filled it up'. He didn't even cry! Just laid there looking around. She put the nappy back on him and said she'd come for me in 20 minutes to give that time to numb him. She found me a room so I could feed him. I fed him, one of the best feeding sessions I've had in a while I might add, and then she came for us. She had what looked like Seran wrap as an apron on, and we went back into the same room that we were in when she put the gel on him. She cleaned him off with some antibacterial solution, then started putting the catheter in. It was LONG! Like a foot or so, and in the end, there was only about 3 inches sticking out. When she was putting it in, she was talking to him in that 'baby talk' kind of voice and he actually laughed (not a belly laugh but the laughs they have before they really laugh). She then told me to go down to the x-ray department as they would be waiting for us. I went down and sure enough there were two x-ray techs waiting for us. We went into the room and took his clothes up to his chest so they wouldn't show up on the x-ray. The doctor came in, we all got lead vests on and the procedure started. They started by filling him up with dye. It was clear, but it shows up on x-ray, so that's why they call it dye. The doctor put in 60mls of dye and was waiting for Cayden to pee it back out, but he wouldn't so the doctor started adding more. I think he got to 85mls before Cayden started peeing. He was taking x-ray photos all the while doing this. Cayden started to get pretty distressed, and it made me wonder if that's why he's so upset all the time, but they didn't seem worried by him being upset at all. He ended up peeing only about half of the liquid out, but they seemed happy enough to leave it at that. I got him dressed again and took the lead vest off while being told that the doctor was going to write up the procedure and results and send them to the consultant we see in October. All in all, he did brilliantly! I can only hope the next procedure is as easy, which I highly doubt it will be as it will consist of putting another cannula in his hand to inject dye into his veins and monitor his kidneys that way.

I've never been more proud of him though, the way he's been the last two days even though he's been through quite a bit.

Ryan + Strangers = No Danger. :-S

So, trying to teach Ryan that he can't go up and talk to just anyone is proving to be difficult. He is such a friendly child. When we got out for meals he is always talking to the people at the tables around us. When we are at the park he starts following kids around until they go to their parents and he starts blabbing talking his little head off to them about things they don't have a clue about. Everyone we see says he's a little chatterbox. Yes, I know, thank you. I just wish he could understand that sometimes people don't want to be bothered. I only hope that once he's older and we try to instill in him that you don't talk to strangers that he understands. It hurts my heart to think that he is just so innocent and friendly, but not everyone out there is like him.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Band Wagon

So, I've been sucked into the Twilight craze. I borrowed the first book from the library after reading about it on so many other blogs. I read through it as fast as I could only being able to read for a few hours a night (took me about 3 days or so) and I went to the library to see if I could get the sequel and it wasn't available and I would be put on a waiting list for about a month or so... I don't want to wait that long so i went to a bookstore website and bought all three books for the price of two! The best part about it, is that I should get them tomorrow! Yeah! I'm already looking forward to the movie, even though I'm a 'newbie' Twilight lover.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Two Aww Moments

Last night as I was feeding Cayden before bed, he stopped eating and looked up at me so innocently. I smiled to him and said "I love you sweet boy" and he smiled from ear to ear still looking at me intently with his eyes. Nearly made me cry it was such a sweet and tender moment. Aww.

This morning when Ryan came in the living room after waking up, he looked down at Cayden who was wrapped up in a blanket sleeping in the bouncy chair and said "That's my baby brother Cayden, Mamma. I love him." It was too sweet. He then came over to me and gave me a hug and said "I love you too." Aww.