Friday, 27 June 2008

His Name is CAYDEN

I get asked all the time "what do you call him?" when seeing someone that hasn't seen Cayden before. When I tell them "Cayden", they say "Kieron?"(which by the way, sounds like Keya-den) I say "Cayden" they say "Kieron?" I say "CAYDEN, C.A.Y.D.E.N" they finally get it and say "that's an unusual name, isn't it." My reply... "Not where I'm from". LOL


I get asked all the time if I'm Irish, because I've picked up some of the English 'twang'.. I've been thinking the last couple of days about when I first moved here. I met (my now friend) Kaye and we got to talking. She would have to repeat things sometimes because I couldn't understand her very well if she spoke fast. She used to just repeat things I said if she thought the way I said them was funny. For instance, we were getting a sandwich one day and I asked for tuna. She looks and me and says "tuna." I kinda looked at her funny and she says "it's chewna" in her cumbrian accent. To this day when I say "tuna" I hear "chewna" in my head.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

First Night Home

Cayden did fantastic last night. He sure needed the sleep. He slept from 8:30 till 4, so that was wonderful. He's sleeping again now - and I was a little worried because he normally doesn't sleep much through the day, but the doctor reassured me that his little body is trying to get rid of an infection so to allow him to sleep as much as he needs to.

I forgot to write in the last post that God certainly was looking out for us. Cayden has been such a fussy baby since he was born that I wouldn't know when he was fussy because he didn't feel well. God certainly was looking out for us to let me see the dishcharge I saw so I could take him to be seen so he didn't get any worse. I am so grateful to Him.

Monday, 23 June 2008

What a Weekend

So, Cayden had his first "illness". Thursday he seemed okay, a bit fussy, but okay. Thursday night he just would NOT settle. He seemed to be in pain with gas or something, but just would not sleep. I think we both (Cayden and I) got about 2 hours sleep that night. Friday morning, Cayden felt like he was burning up, so I took his temperature. 101*F. He continued to be pretty fussy. Acting like he wanted to feed, but everytime I latched him on he would fall right to sleep. I went ahead and went to my breastfeeding support group on Friday. I figured since there was a health visitor there, I could ask her about his behavior and see if I could give some paracetamol (acetaminophen). She told me it was okay. He slept through the entire thing! Woah. That's unlike Cayden to sleep that long. I figured it was because he didn't get much sleep the night before. I came home and prodded along. Feeding him when he wanted fed, trying to cuddle him when he cried, trying to figure out what was wrong. 6:30pm comes around and I change his diaper. Alarm bells ring in my head, red flags waving in front of my eyes. A green, pus-like discharge sitting in his diaper and coming off his privates. I immediately called cuedoc (emergency doc services for out of hours clinics). They called back and said to bring him in. So, I called Sue (mother-in-law) told her the story and asked if she could take us through to the hospital.
We get to the hospital and we're seen pretty much straight away. This is unheard of! I was shocked. I get in the room. Tell the doctor what's happened and she wants to look him over. So I undress him and get him on the table and she starts looking around. She sees a little bit of this discharge and asks me about it. I tell her it's the first time I've ever seen anything like that. She asks me some family history questions and then starts checking Cayden over more. He didn't want to settle so she asked me if I wanted to (and felt comfortable) latching him on for a breastfeed while she finished checking him over. I agreed. She wanted a pee sample off him. That was fun. While I was feeding him she got a silver foil bowl ready to catch the urine in. She turned her back for two seconds and there he pees right on the table. She caught a teeny tiny bit, and tested it. Full (4+)positive for blood and half (2+) positive for leukocytes. She wasn't happy with that. She said to continue feeding him and hopefully he would have another wee soon. We got another tiny sample off him. She tested it again and the same results on the dipstick. She tells me because he's so little she wouldn't feel comfortable sending me home with antibiotics without getting him checked out first. She called pediatrics and they told us to go right up.
We got up to the ward and I talk to the pediatrician. He tells me he wants another wee sample so we continue trying to get one, while he's talking to me. He tells me that the plan is for him to be admitted to the ward and stay at least overnight. I was okay with overnight. He then proceeds to tell me that they take UTIs very seriously in young children as they could be the result of something a bit more serious and his ideal choice of treatment would be IV antibiotics for 48 hours, so he would have to be in the hospital for at least 48 hours. I wasn't happy cause I wanted to take my baby home, but I understood that that was what needed to happen. The doctor left the nurse and I to catch a 'clean' sample in the dish. One time of him peeing all over me and a teeny tiny sample later and I got to take the sample to the desk. They told me we would have the results Monday.
Friday night, the nurses just checked his vitals really and kept an eye on his temperature. I was wondering why they hadn't started antibiotics but they didn't really tell me why. We got up saturday morning and Cayden vomited after a feed. It wasn't like normal spit up, because he was boaking and his stomach was contracting, it was awful to watch. He was also very pale. The nurses came in and said it was time to start his antibiotics and they needed to put a cannula in his hand to do so. They assured me that the people that do this are very good at what they do and they have done it many times, and asked if I wanted to be there or if I wanted to stay behind. As much as I knew it would kill me, I wanted to go. So we went into this small room which was the side room to the pediatric O.R.. The nurse practitioner started looking at his hands and said he wasn't blessed with good veins (thanks to his mother), but pricked him with the needle and started trying to get the cannula in. He SCREAMED. It broke my heart so much to see that, that I started bawling. One of the nurses handed me a tissue and the nurse practitioner continued trying. She couldn't get it in his left hand, so she tried his right. After trying for 15 minutes, getting it in well enough to get some blood for the blood tests and Cayden screaming, she gave up and said she would have the pediatrician do it. So, we wait. The nurse comes and tells me it won't be too long, the staff had just been called away for a cesarean so they'd be back after that. A while later, it was time. The pediatrician said that I should try to feed cayden while she was doing it to try and calm him. That didn't work. He didn't want anything to do with me once they started poking him with needles. The pediatrician wasn't too nice about that. She said "Mum, I gave baby to you to feed him. He's supposed to be feeding. Get him to feed". She was foreign so it was hard to understand her at the best of times but getting scolded while your baby is screaming his head off isn't a great feeling. She finally got the cannula in and flushed it out to make sure it was working properly, then gave him the antibiotic. He pretty much fell asleep after that. When he woke up he was grumpy, and wanted to eat. He did fine for a while. Then I started putting him to bed at 8, got him to sleep and in bed at 9 and at 10 the nurse comes in to wake him up and put his antibiotics in his IV. Because he's a baby, they had to wrap his arm to assure the cannula stayed in and there wasn't a chance of it being pulled out. So, they had to unwrap him (he's swaddled when he sleeps) unwrap his arm and give him meds. He didn't like that - so I had to do the whole put him to bed process all over again. I got him to sleep and went to sleep myself. I must have been super sleepy because the nurses came in every two hours and I didn't hear them at all. The only time I woke up was when I could hear Cayden ratching for something to eat. I got him laid back down and asleep and I went back to sleep only to wake again a few hours later to the sound of him ratching for food once again. The nurses were deathly quiet, cause I didn't hear them once.
Sunday morning is here and Cayden is pretty grumpy. The doctor comes in and says he's pleased with the progress Cayden is making and tells me the rest of the plan. The plan is to continue IV antibiotics until Monday when they can get the urine culture and blood test results back. He will go for a renal ultrasound on Monday and if it comes back clear he will be discharged with oral antibiotics. He is super fussy on Sunday, but every time he acted like he wanted to eat he would fall asleep in my arms. I didn't get him to sleep and in bed until after 11 on Sunday, and he woke at 3am and again at 5:30am. Wasn't too bad. Not like I was sleeping very well on the rock hard bed they gave me to sleep on anyway.
This morning is here and first thing the head nurse comes in and tells me they're ready for Cayden down at the ultrasound room. I take him down there, undo his onsie and pull it up so the sonographer can get to his tummy. The sonographer puts some gel on the tinyest wand I've ever seen, puts it on Cayden's right side, clicks a button, puts the wand on Cayden's left side, clicks a button and then puts the wand on Cayden's tummy just below his belly button and clicks a button. he looks at me and says "everything looks normal there". In a matter of five minutes I had walked to the ultrasound room, had the ultrasound done and was back in the room on the ward. It was quick! The doctor came in and said that the tests came back conclusive of a UTI so we would give oral antibiotics twice a day for seven days, and then start a prophylactic course of antibiotics (once at night) until he's seen at a later date as an out-patient for more tests. He tells me the two tests he would be doing would be injecting dye into Cayden's veins and then looking on ultrasound to see how his kidneys function then, and the other was to put a catheter in, inject dye into his bladder and make sure that none of the fluid was retracting up the ureters (urinary reflux). He told me that we would continue the prophylactic antibiotic until Cayden has these tests done and if the tests come back all clear we could then stop the prophylaxis, if they came back positive then we would get further instructions. They took the cannula out of his hand and he screamed while this was happening. But was fine once it stopped bleeding.
We got to come home at lunch time, and I can tell Cayden was happy to come home. He wasn't nearly as fussy (still a bit - but its to be expected) and he went to sleep at 8:30 and hasn't woke yet (and won't get woke by a nurse trying to take his temp or give him meds). I hope he has a good night sleep tonight (I know I need one!)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Doctor Update

The doctor was pretty helpful today. She told me to just keep an eye on my pain and if it starts getting severe like it did last time to go back in and they'll run some more tests to see what it is. She said the pain sort of follows a rheumatoid pain. The only thing missing is inflammation that you can see. The inflammation count in my last blood test I had done for this was pretty high, but I had no visible inflammation. I took some ibuprofen today and that helped a little bit so I'm hoping that maybe my body was just tired these last couple days and needed something to boost it and take the pain away. After the dose this morning, I've been fine. Last time - ibuprofen didn't even touch the pain so this is a plus. She has been talking me through my 'demons'. She's been a big help, and I go back next week. She was pleased to see that I'm feeling better in myself and tells me to come back anytime I feel I need to. How nice is that? Considering I see her and don't pay a co-pay or anything.

Oh - and I can walk today! LOL! Sounds kinda funny, but I have actually been able to walk without limping or walking funny. That's a huge step considering a few days ago I could hardly walk at all. The only thing I found was that my leg/knee felt a bit weak so I didn't overdo it by trying to walk too fast or anything. Small steps. . . I'll get there again.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Back to the Doctor

So, we're going for our weekly check-up tomorrow. I'm hoping to discuss a few things with the doc and since she's been willing to look into things for me, I'm hoping I can get some good answers. I will also be asking her (again) about my knee/leg. The pain in my knee started as fluid on it after I had Ryan. Once that cleared up, I started having flair ups of what the doctor thinks is rheumatoid arthritis. Those flair ups would get so bad sometimes, it would take me ten minutes just to get out of bed. Those pains started to get better, and I got pregnant. The pains completely went away during my pregnancy. After I had Cayden, I started to get a funny pain in my foot. It only lasted for a day or two the first time it happened, and then it happened again last week. The day that it was hurting I ended up having to run after Ryan because he decided to take off. That is when I believe I injured my knee. Probably by putting too much pressure on my knee to take the pressure away from my foot because it was hurting. This past week I have been in a lot of pain. My knee swelled up to over the size of a grapefruit, and my hip and ankle joints are also hurting (I'm afraid it might be another flare up) my whole leg just aches all the time. It's really hard chasing after a three year old when you can hardly walk. I hope the doctor can give me some insight into how long this is going to last, and whether my other pains are a flare up or not. I sure hope not.

On a good note. Ryan's imagination has been running wild lately. He is just so funny. He found a football (soccer ball) in the closet and decided to get it out and try to kick it. When we're outside he has a really good kick on him, but because we were inside I think he knew not to kick it hard, and when he kicked it, it only rolled about a foot in front of him and all of a sudden he shouts "GOAL! BARCELONA!" LOL! He has never watched a Barcelona match in his life. So I get Mike to come and watch, and Mike asks "Ryan, what team do you play for?" To which he replies "Nited" (Manchester United - Mike's favorite team). We just had to laugh cause although Mike loves Utd. He doesn't really push Ryan to LOVE them like he does. And - Ryan got some CARS cars for his birthday, and he's been playing with them. The commentary that comes out of his mouth when he plays with them is absolutely hysterical. He will be driving them around and say "OH NO! Chick hicks went the wrong way!" or "Lightning McQueen will fix it". haha. So cute. I love that his little imagination allows him to play like that now. It saves mommy *always* having to do it for him. :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Ignorant People and Dirty Laundry

Ignorant people:
So, we planned Ryan's birthday party for today. We invited quite a few people and asked for RSVPs. I had 12 adults and 7 kids RSVP (including family). How many actually showed? Three children and six adults (including family). So we went and bought barbeque food for 22 people (including Mike, Ryan and I) and we ended up serving 11. When I text the people that were missing all they said was "oh sorry, I forgot". That's it. Okay... I don't know about you, but when I RSVP for something I write it down where I'll see it so that I don't miss it. Most of the time an RSVP is so people don't waste money on food that won't be eaten. I guess the people that missed the party today don't think that way.

Dirty Laundry:
I don't usually like to 'air' our dirty laundry like this, but I am pretty deeply hurt tonight and want to make sure I'm justified for feeling the way I do. I have been having problems with my knee for a while now, and on Monday, I must have really hurt it because on Tuesday it started to swell a little and by Wednesday I couldn't bend my knee more than at a 90 degree angle. My knee and the lower segment of my thigh (where my quadricep muscles meet my knee) is swollen to the size of a grapefruit and is rock hard and very hot (not to mention VERY painful to the point where it radiates up and down my leg, not just where the injury is). Mike decided he wanted to 'help' me and has been googling a bunch of stuff. He comes to me and says "it says that the number one cause of injuries like this is from lack of exercise. Which makes sense, cause let's be honest, you're not the fittest of people". Um, thanks - I think... He lives in the gym and thinks that if you don't, you're not fit or in shape and that you don't exercise. I told him that just because I don't live in the gym doesn't mean that I don't exercise. I also mentioned that he had forgotten that I walked three miles a day up until I was 38 weeks pregnant, and that only eight weeks ago I had a baby. Not only did I just have a baby, but I had major abdominal surgery too. So please excuse me if I'm not the most active person right now. And he has the nerve to say it's because I am out of shape and don't exercise? Would you be upset?

Friday, 13 June 2008

Two Months Old and Weight Gain

Cayden is two months old tomorrow and he is finally ONE pound over his birth weight. I was given the horrid talk the green flag to start giving formula on a regular basis. He needs it to gain more weight faster.
Birth; 9lb 3oz (91st centile) and 20.5 inches
Two months; 10lb 4oz (below 25th centile) and 21.65 inches

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Potty Trained!

This is a bit late because Ryan turned three yesterday, but we DID get potty trained before he was three. And that is even with a new baby in the house and dealing with a bit of regression (thank goodness the regression was in other areas and not potty training). He's been dry day and night for 10 days now. I set up a little stool in the bathroom so he could get on the potty himself. Once he gained confidence (only took a day) he got up the next morning and went to the bathroom first thing. So, he's been in underwear all day for about a week now. Yay Ryan! I'm so proud he got potty trained before he was three, I was certain he'd be going to kindergarten in pull-ups. lol.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Cute boy is THREE today! I can't believe he's three already. Time really does slip through your fingers when you're not expecting it to.

A note to Ryan:
Sweet boy Ryan,
Happy third birthday. Mammy and daddy hope you have had a great day and that you enjoy the time that you're three. We're so very proud of you and are so happy that you're our son. We love you always.
Mammy and Daddy

Monday, 9 June 2008

8 Weeks Old and First Shots

Cayden is 8 weeks old today! He's done really well today, fussyness wise. I got some good photos this morning.

He got his first shots today and did so well. He only cried when she pricked him with the needle. Once he was on my shoulder, he was fine. I have to have him weighed on Friday, and if he still hasn't gained a ton I have to start giving him some formula on top of my milk. This saddens me, as it makes me feel like a failure.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

My New Favorite Photo

I absolutely love the looks on my boys faces in this photo. So sweet.

I love being a mammy!