Thursday, 8 May 2008

Cars, Cars, Cars and more Cars!

Ryan's birthday is coming up next month. He is getting really excited about it, which in turn makes me excited because it's the first year that he really *knows* what is going on. He keeps asking for a Disney Pixar CARS themed birthday, and I'm happy to oblige. The only bad thing, is that he goes on and on about it ALL day long! "Mammy, I want Lightning McQueen cake for my birthday", "Mammy, I want Dinoco blue Mcqueen for my birthday", "Mammy, I want Mater AT my birthday".... Well, I can do the first two but not so sure about the third. Any suggestions? LOL! It's going to be a great day but its also going to be a little sad, as its going to be his last birthday celebrated while we live here. We'll more than likely come to visit on his birthday in a few years but we won't live here. Nice, fun, exciting and a little sad all rolled into one.

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Phil & Misty said...

Hmmm....Hmmmm....How can you have Mater at his Birthday.... You can have someone call him up pretending to be Mater, and telling him a happy birthday?

Where are you planning on moving to, and when?