Saturday, 16 May 2009

"Grandma, You Help Me?"

I had to work late tonight so my mom picked the boys up from daycare for me. When I got home we were talking about how the night went with the boys. She tells me that Ryan wanted to go outside; she told him to eat his dinner and then they could go out to play. He's looking out the window and eating and all of a sudden says "At Diane's, Savannah has to clean her room before she goes outside. Grandma, you help me?" My mom said she looked at him and said, "Help you what?" He says, "clean my room so I can go outside." My mom chuckled (as did I when she told me) and told him if he could let her finish her dinner she wouldn't have a problem helping him. He looked at her and said "okay." When he was finished he got down and headed straight into his bedroom and started cleaning. My mom said she finished her dinner and was getting ready to go in there and he comes out saying "all done, Grandma," so my mom goes in to look and sure enough, he'd cleaned. "I got my jammies on my bed, too." By this point my mom is thinking "did I pick the right child up from daycare?" Heh. He is such an angel sometimes. I have to document these times for the times he's not so angelic. :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

RSV, Croup, Ear infection, Sinus infection

Anything else you'd like to add to the list? My boys, more specifically Cayden, have been sick SO much this winter. Cayden has had a stuffy/runny nose, horrible sounding productive cough, etc. pretty much since December. I took him for his 12 month check-up on Monday and he only got over RSV two weeks ago and now has an ear infection. The doctor said it is common for the child to develop an ear infection after having RSV so it's nothing to be too alarmed about. Ryan has stayed relatively well, health-wise, only he must have been totally run down because when we were at the doctor on Monday he was barking like a seal so I had the doctor take a look at him, too, only to find he had a sinus infection AND croup! He was given his VERY first course of antibiotics and an oral steroid to help open up his lungs a bit to stop the coughing. My poor boys, I hope they start getting well soon!!!!
Cayden, though is a CHUNK. He weighs 23lbs 13oz and is 31 inches long! He's TALL! He's been trying to run now that he can walk fairly well, he copies movements and, unfortunately, he slaps everyone in the face and thinks it's funny. We're trying to rectify that- but it's slow going.
I am going to be updating the photos on the sidebar very soon - I think they need it, don't you? And here are a few pics to update you on my two sweeties. These are professional pics I had taken in April for Easter.