Thursday, 12 June 2008

Potty Trained!

This is a bit late because Ryan turned three yesterday, but we DID get potty trained before he was three. And that is even with a new baby in the house and dealing with a bit of regression (thank goodness the regression was in other areas and not potty training). He's been dry day and night for 10 days now. I set up a little stool in the bathroom so he could get on the potty himself. Once he gained confidence (only took a day) he got up the next morning and went to the bathroom first thing. So, he's been in underwear all day for about a week now. Yay Ryan! I'm so proud he got potty trained before he was three, I was certain he'd be going to kindergarten in pull-ups. lol.

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Lorien said...

I know how you feel!!! My Taylor turned 3 in February and I was sure that she was going to kindergarten in a pull-up! But the past month she has finally got it down (Except for pooping since we are dealing with constipation, laxatives, diareah- in that order over and over again!) So keep going even if you want to scream!!!