Monday, 9 June 2008

8 Weeks Old and First Shots

Cayden is 8 weeks old today! He's done really well today, fussyness wise. I got some good photos this morning.

He got his first shots today and did so well. He only cried when she pricked him with the needle. Once he was on my shoulder, he was fine. I have to have him weighed on Friday, and if he still hasn't gained a ton I have to start giving him some formula on top of my milk. This saddens me, as it makes me feel like a failure.


Marmarbug said...

You ARE NOT A FAILURE! sometimes it is realy hard to be told what to do for your baby. Just remember only YOU truly know what is best.

These pics are adorable!

Melissa said...

I felt the same way when Avery wouldn't learn to latch on so I just had to pump and give it to her. Then after I had my gallbladder out when she was 4 weeks old my milk dried up and I really felt like a failure, but YOU ARE NOT!! You do what you gotta do and it's all for the little ones, right??

Tiffany said...

NEVER TELL YOURSELF YOU'VE FAILED! Motherhood is hard enough without putting that on yourself. I had one kid just stop nursing really young and one that nursed around the clock for 8 months. They are all different and they all need different things. Your baby is beautiful and happy! Just remember that and the rest will be okay.