Friday, 27 June 2008

His Name is CAYDEN

I get asked all the time "what do you call him?" when seeing someone that hasn't seen Cayden before. When I tell them "Cayden", they say "Kieron?"(which by the way, sounds like Keya-den) I say "Cayden" they say "Kieron?" I say "CAYDEN, C.A.Y.D.E.N" they finally get it and say "that's an unusual name, isn't it." My reply... "Not where I'm from". LOL


I get asked all the time if I'm Irish, because I've picked up some of the English 'twang'.. I've been thinking the last couple of days about when I first moved here. I met (my now friend) Kaye and we got to talking. She would have to repeat things sometimes because I couldn't understand her very well if she spoke fast. She used to just repeat things I said if she thought the way I said them was funny. For instance, we were getting a sandwich one day and I asked for tuna. She looks and me and says "tuna." I kinda looked at her funny and she says "it's chewna" in her cumbrian accent. To this day when I say "tuna" I hear "chewna" in my head.


bev said...

Congrats on the new baby boy! I love the name Cayden.

Kevin and Ruby said...

Are you in England? What brought you there?

Rachy Maree said...

That is Awesome! What I would give to live in England for a while- my husband thinks I am nuts!

I remember when I visited England and we walked into a shoe store and when the clerk started talking I said "keep talking it sounds soo cool." and then he told me I sounded cool- and I was thinking- "No the Utahn accent is anything but cool." :)