Thursday, 19 June 2008

Doctor Update

The doctor was pretty helpful today. She told me to just keep an eye on my pain and if it starts getting severe like it did last time to go back in and they'll run some more tests to see what it is. She said the pain sort of follows a rheumatoid pain. The only thing missing is inflammation that you can see. The inflammation count in my last blood test I had done for this was pretty high, but I had no visible inflammation. I took some ibuprofen today and that helped a little bit so I'm hoping that maybe my body was just tired these last couple days and needed something to boost it and take the pain away. After the dose this morning, I've been fine. Last time - ibuprofen didn't even touch the pain so this is a plus. She has been talking me through my 'demons'. She's been a big help, and I go back next week. She was pleased to see that I'm feeling better in myself and tells me to come back anytime I feel I need to. How nice is that? Considering I see her and don't pay a co-pay or anything.

Oh - and I can walk today! LOL! Sounds kinda funny, but I have actually been able to walk without limping or walking funny. That's a huge step considering a few days ago I could hardly walk at all. The only thing I found was that my leg/knee felt a bit weak so I didn't overdo it by trying to walk too fast or anything. Small steps. . . I'll get there again.

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Tiffany said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! I hope you continue to improve so you can keep chasing those cute boys.