Saturday, 14 June 2008

Ignorant People and Dirty Laundry

Ignorant people:
So, we planned Ryan's birthday party for today. We invited quite a few people and asked for RSVPs. I had 12 adults and 7 kids RSVP (including family). How many actually showed? Three children and six adults (including family). So we went and bought barbeque food for 22 people (including Mike, Ryan and I) and we ended up serving 11. When I text the people that were missing all they said was "oh sorry, I forgot". That's it. Okay... I don't know about you, but when I RSVP for something I write it down where I'll see it so that I don't miss it. Most of the time an RSVP is so people don't waste money on food that won't be eaten. I guess the people that missed the party today don't think that way.

Dirty Laundry:
I don't usually like to 'air' our dirty laundry like this, but I am pretty deeply hurt tonight and want to make sure I'm justified for feeling the way I do. I have been having problems with my knee for a while now, and on Monday, I must have really hurt it because on Tuesday it started to swell a little and by Wednesday I couldn't bend my knee more than at a 90 degree angle. My knee and the lower segment of my thigh (where my quadricep muscles meet my knee) is swollen to the size of a grapefruit and is rock hard and very hot (not to mention VERY painful to the point where it radiates up and down my leg, not just where the injury is). Mike decided he wanted to 'help' me and has been googling a bunch of stuff. He comes to me and says "it says that the number one cause of injuries like this is from lack of exercise. Which makes sense, cause let's be honest, you're not the fittest of people". Um, thanks - I think... He lives in the gym and thinks that if you don't, you're not fit or in shape and that you don't exercise. I told him that just because I don't live in the gym doesn't mean that I don't exercise. I also mentioned that he had forgotten that I walked three miles a day up until I was 38 weeks pregnant, and that only eight weeks ago I had a baby. Not only did I just have a baby, but I had major abdominal surgery too. So please excuse me if I'm not the most active person right now. And he has the nerve to say it's because I am out of shape and don't exercise? Would you be upset?


Melissa said...

If my husband said that to me he would be sleeping on the couch. You just had a baby and a c-section. You aren't even suppose to start exercising again until 8 weeks after the surgery at the soonest. Your injury has nothing to do with lack of exercise. Smack your husband for me!!

Phil & Misty said...

I also agree. He should try to be more understanding. Maybe next time, he can have the C-section, and carry the baby full term.