Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Back to the Doctor

So, we're going for our weekly check-up tomorrow. I'm hoping to discuss a few things with the doc and since she's been willing to look into things for me, I'm hoping I can get some good answers. I will also be asking her (again) about my knee/leg. The pain in my knee started as fluid on it after I had Ryan. Once that cleared up, I started having flair ups of what the doctor thinks is rheumatoid arthritis. Those flair ups would get so bad sometimes, it would take me ten minutes just to get out of bed. Those pains started to get better, and I got pregnant. The pains completely went away during my pregnancy. After I had Cayden, I started to get a funny pain in my foot. It only lasted for a day or two the first time it happened, and then it happened again last week. The day that it was hurting I ended up having to run after Ryan because he decided to take off. That is when I believe I injured my knee. Probably by putting too much pressure on my knee to take the pressure away from my foot because it was hurting. This past week I have been in a lot of pain. My knee swelled up to over the size of a grapefruit, and my hip and ankle joints are also hurting (I'm afraid it might be another flare up) my whole leg just aches all the time. It's really hard chasing after a three year old when you can hardly walk. I hope the doctor can give me some insight into how long this is going to last, and whether my other pains are a flare up or not. I sure hope not.

On a good note. Ryan's imagination has been running wild lately. He is just so funny. He found a football (soccer ball) in the closet and decided to get it out and try to kick it. When we're outside he has a really good kick on him, but because we were inside I think he knew not to kick it hard, and when he kicked it, it only rolled about a foot in front of him and all of a sudden he shouts "GOAL! BARCELONA!" LOL! He has never watched a Barcelona match in his life. So I get Mike to come and watch, and Mike asks "Ryan, what team do you play for?" To which he replies "Nited" (Manchester United - Mike's favorite team). We just had to laugh cause although Mike loves Utd. He doesn't really push Ryan to LOVE them like he does. And - Ryan got some CARS cars for his birthday, and he's been playing with them. The commentary that comes out of his mouth when he plays with them is absolutely hysterical. He will be driving them around and say "OH NO! Chick hicks went the wrong way!" or "Lightning McQueen will fix it". haha. So cute. I love that his little imagination allows him to play like that now. It saves mommy *always* having to do it for him. :)

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