Friday, 25 July 2008

I Feel Awful

Ryan fell today.

We were walking home from being in town and he wanted to see the big crocodile (a person dressed as one, anyway). I told him that the crocodile would be there tomorrow too, so we'd go see him then as we needed to get home so I could feed Cayden. We continue walking, he's holding my hand. We get to a large hill that is just before a tunnel we frequently go through, and he says "I want to see the cockolyle" I told him "you can tomorrow, mammy will take you up to see him tomorrow". He gets in a huff and pulls his hand to try to get it out of my hand. Just as he does this his hand slips out of my hand (it was hot here today so our hands were sweaty), he slips on some loose gravel and falls straight forward nearly hitting his face on the ground. Poor little guy. He scraped his knee and the back of one of his forearms. He's never actually fallen and gotten a scrape before, so this is a first. He is babying his "owwees" tonight. He wouldn't even crawl into bed; he had to have me put him in there. haha! I told him once he went to sleep, he should feel better in the morning. I hope he does. I feel awful that his hand slipping out of mine (fair enough he was trying to pull it out) caused him to get hurt.

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Rachy Maree said...

It's ok. At least you break anything- Don't get me started but the joke at my house is that I "sit" on things and break them. (Corban broke his leg in Feb. because we fell on black ice and I fell on top of him- so tramatic!)

Hope he is feeling better now!