Friday, 4 July 2008

Band Wagon

So, I've been sucked into the Twilight craze. I borrowed the first book from the library after reading about it on so many other blogs. I read through it as fast as I could only being able to read for a few hours a night (took me about 3 days or so) and I went to the library to see if I could get the sequel and it wasn't available and I would be put on a waiting list for about a month or so... I don't want to wait that long so i went to a bookstore website and bought all three books for the price of two! The best part about it, is that I should get them tomorrow! Yeah! I'm already looking forward to the movie, even though I'm a 'newbie' Twilight lover.

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Rachy Maree said...

Welcome to the club. It took some coaxing by my own mother (including bringing the 1st book to my house) for me to read the series. I can't even explain why I like the books, but I do. They are fun and easy reading. I can't wait for book four. Happy reading.