Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another Rough Week, But He's Taking it Like a Champ.

So, Cayden has another rough week this week. Yesterday, he had his three month shots. I wanted to slap the woman that did them. It was a different lady this time than who usually does them. The one that does them normally (she did Ryan's and the first set of Cayden's) puts the shots up on the diaper line of his leg, near his bum. She also does them quickly. She has me hold his leg and arm, gives the injection, then has me switch him quickly and does the same thing to the other side so that he can be on my shoulder in as little as a minute! So quick! This lady took FOREVER and put them right in the center of his thigh! The poor little man has huge red lumps on his legs now. He was a trooper though. He only cried while she was doing them (which, again took forever) and once he was on my shoulder, he was fine. He had a rough night last night, but I think it's the tail end of a growth spurt as well as a comfort thing from yesterday.

Today, Cayden had to go for his micturation cystogram. We had to be at the hospital at 9:30 this morning. I was quite surprised because Cayden was in the BEST mood! He was smiling and everything. I was getting ready to feed him in the waiting room, when the nurse came in ready to do what needed to be done to prepare him for the cystogram. She asked if she could just put some gel on his private bits to numb them for when the catheter was going to be put in. I said sure. We went in, she cleaned him off and put the gel in his foreskin and 'filled it up'. He didn't even cry! Just laid there looking around. She put the nappy back on him and said she'd come for me in 20 minutes to give that time to numb him. She found me a room so I could feed him. I fed him, one of the best feeding sessions I've had in a while I might add, and then she came for us. She had what looked like Seran wrap as an apron on, and we went back into the same room that we were in when she put the gel on him. She cleaned him off with some antibacterial solution, then started putting the catheter in. It was LONG! Like a foot or so, and in the end, there was only about 3 inches sticking out. When she was putting it in, she was talking to him in that 'baby talk' kind of voice and he actually laughed (not a belly laugh but the laughs they have before they really laugh). She then told me to go down to the x-ray department as they would be waiting for us. I went down and sure enough there were two x-ray techs waiting for us. We went into the room and took his clothes up to his chest so they wouldn't show up on the x-ray. The doctor came in, we all got lead vests on and the procedure started. They started by filling him up with dye. It was clear, but it shows up on x-ray, so that's why they call it dye. The doctor put in 60mls of dye and was waiting for Cayden to pee it back out, but he wouldn't so the doctor started adding more. I think he got to 85mls before Cayden started peeing. He was taking x-ray photos all the while doing this. Cayden started to get pretty distressed, and it made me wonder if that's why he's so upset all the time, but they didn't seem worried by him being upset at all. He ended up peeing only about half of the liquid out, but they seemed happy enough to leave it at that. I got him dressed again and took the lead vest off while being told that the doctor was going to write up the procedure and results and send them to the consultant we see in October. All in all, he did brilliantly! I can only hope the next procedure is as easy, which I highly doubt it will be as it will consist of putting another cannula in his hand to inject dye into his veins and monitor his kidneys that way.

I've never been more proud of him though, the way he's been the last two days even though he's been through quite a bit.

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Marc & Becky said...

Amanda how are you? Your family is adorable!! Your poor little Cayden with that long procedure!! What a trooper!! You look so happy, definitely keep in touch!!