Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Fun Times

I was thinking this morning as I was holding Cayden about a time when Mike and I didn't have children. We were an aunt and an uncle before we were parents. My niece was kinda fussy one night and Mike asked if he could hold her. My sister said "she likes to be on your shoulder" meaning held up so that she could nuzzle into your neck (you know like when you burp a baby?). So, we all start talking and my sister-in-law starts laughing so hard. I look at her and she's looking through her laughter induced tear filled eyes at Mike. He's sitting there with Mia ~sitting~ on his shoulder (you know how you would hold a kid up on your shoulders with your head in between their legs? Well, put the kid on one side of your shoulder). I started laughing and Mike looks at us and says "what?" My sister-in-law says "up to your shoulder, not on it." Mia had to be maybe three months old so she was slouched over and didn't look comfortable at all. Poor girl. Needless to say, Mike learned 'how to hold a baby' before we had our baby just six months later.

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Marc & Becky said...

k I was laughing so hard!! Only a guy would interpret it that way!! but atleast he got practice. My husband was terrified to hold Madison. He'd never really been around babies!!