Friday, 8 August 2008

Daily Musings

Ryan has started to use phrases we would prefer him not to. "That stupid boy. ", "I want him to shut-up.", etc. Not very nice things to say, especially for a three year old. So we were playing around the other day and Ryan comes out with "Mamma! You silly buggar (booger?)!" To *me* five years ago, the word wouldn't have bothered me. But knowing now that most British people use it as an offensive term makes me not want Ryan to say it. SO. I tell him "Ryan. That's not a very nice thing to call mammy." He kind of looks at me and says "silly cow!" I tell him that the word cow used in that way is a derogatory (okay, I used the word "mean") word to say and not nice. He looks at me and then at Cayden. He decides upon "silly monkey!" I tell him "that's better! you're a silly monkey!" and we began playing again.

I know he was only playing but it is so hard to try to teach them right from wrong when they're being cute about it.

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