Thursday, 22 April 2010

A lot has happened in 10 months.

Ten months. Did I just type that? I can see how a few months could go by without me updating, but really?! Ten?! Whoa.

A lot has happened in that 10 months. I went back to school to get the degree I've wanted since I was 17. I'm only a few years late. I'm typically late for everything, thanks mom, so I guess I shouldn't expect anything less. Heh. Even got a 4.0 first semester back! Second semester didn't fare quite as well, but still satisfactory, nonetheless. I have just about one full year left at WSU and the PCAT to take, and hopefully then, it'll be off to pharmacy school!

Boys. My boys are growing! They are huge now! Ryan is a full-on little man. He is fully capable of being the man of the house. He's still afraid to help mom kill spiders, though. I need to work on that; I'm pretty scared of them myself! (shh. Don't tell Ryan.) Cayden, the little mister, is full of words and little brother syndrome. You know, when he wants to do EVERYTHING brother can do, just because brother can do it? For about a month leading up to his second birthday, anytime someone would ask Cayden how old he was going to be, his answer was *always* "Five." Heh. "Sorry, little bro, Ryan is going to be five; you are going to be TWO!" He would stick his bottom lip out and pout, "No! Five!" I digress.

Cayden is doing extraordinarily well with potty training. That has to be one of the huge pluses of him wanting to be (read: act) older than he is. Ryan wasn't potty trained until after Cayden was born, which means he was three. This potty training at two business is entirely new to me! I'm not complaining, though! The sooner I can stop buying diapers, the better off I'll be!

The boys and I moved out of my mom's house in February. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to spread my wings and fly and just live my life the way I need to. Being independent and being able to have my own space has been beneficial for everyone, including my parents. My apartment isn't anything huge, but it's enough for me and the kids to have our own space and privacy. I am loving life and know it was the right choice I made to move out when we did.

I took the kids to get their photos taken a couple weeks ago. I cannot believe that they're my kids in the pictures. They are growing up so fast. I love every second that I get to spend with them. They truly are my inspiration to better myself. I attached some photos to show how much they've grown.

Ryan will be playing soccer here soon. He's super excited. I can't believe I'm going to be a soccer mom! Heh. I always knew he would play, given he's half British -and it's not just a sport in England; it's a religion. I just can't believe the time is already here! I think it will benefit him so much, though. Get him ready for school to start in the fall, too. Man, I'm gonna have a kindergartener! Where has my baby gone?! Before I know it he'll be graduating high school... I *can* wait for that, but I know it's just around the corner.

Something funny from Cayden the other day: I was asking him typical questions to get him to answer and just tell me about his little world that day. I asked, "what's your name?" He answers, "Caynez." I said, "Cayden, how old are you?" He looks around and says, "Mmm. Two." I said, "Two! Wow! What's your favorite color?" He looks at me and smiles, "PINK!" I said, "Pink, huh?" He replies, immediately, "Yep." I said, "That's such a nice color. Who's your favorite person?" He says "LIGHTNING McQUEEN!" Joy. Going on 4 years of this stinkin' movie. BOTH my boys now love it. What is it about that red car that gets the motors in their hearts going? I can think of a million things that would be worse than a Disney Pixar movie, but man, 4 years. I think I have every line memorized, as do they!

Now that school is out for a while, I'm hoping to be able to update more often. I should have more things to update about: soccer practice, games, fun things we do, trips we take. ... I'll close by leaving some pics of the kids from recently.


Rachy Maree said...

Yay! Great update. Keep 'em coming. Call me when you have time for lunch.

Cassie said...

Yes, great update!! I'm glad things are working out well for your little family.