Sunday, 25 April 2010

If looks could kill...

My mom got one of *the* most intense, "I'm pissed off" looks from Cayden tonight; I just happened to witness it.

We were sitting on the couch at my mom's house when Cayden was wanting his pacifier (dodie). My mom tells him that it's in a plastic sack that she'd packed to take there while she watched them. He picks up the sack and pulls a pair of underwear out; throws it on the floor. She takes the sack and holds it open for him as if she were going to say "trick-or-treat." He looks inside and pulls out a shirt; throws it on the floor. He keeps looking inside and pulling clothing out and throwing it onto the floor. He gets to the bottom of the bag and pulls out a toy, drops it on the floor, pouts with his bottom lip sticking out and then gets this evil, Chuckie look on his face. Nose scrunched, lips in a pout, eyebrows furrowed... He looks up at my mom with this evil glare as if to say "you said it was in there and it's not!" My mom looked at me and I couldn't contain my laughter. I started chuckling and she had to hide her face so that Cayden didn't know what he'd done had affected her that way.

It was rather hilarious.

In other news, Ryan got a compliment from Mrs. Diane the other day. She is amazed, daily, with his ability to see a car one time and retain who it belongs to as well as make and model. She said that there have been a few times that he has said, "look, Mrs. Diane! A Mazda!" and she had no idea what it was just by looking at the side. He should be a mechanic when he grows up. :)

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Rachy Maree said...

Funny. I love kids!