Friday, 24 April 2009

Cayden is ONE

So, Cayden turned ONE on the 14th. I cannot believe that time has gone so quickly. He's walking fully now and even stood up in the middle of the room all by himself the other day. I will post photos of his party soon.
The party went well. He enjoyed all the company and loved the attention. He had some little friends as well as 'big' (adult) friends that came to his party. He loved his cake and was so cute when he was eating it.

Just a small recap of Cayden's accomplishments in the last month:
Standing up from sitting down without the help of an object/person
blowing kisses

He's getting so big!


Lynners said...

It sounds like you guys are thriving! That's so great. Good job working with those guys and moving them right along developmentally. You're awesome. How are you liking your job? Are you still living in Roy?

Amanda Fullerton said...

Lynn!! SO nice to hear from you! I love my job; it can be stressful at times but all in all it's a very good job. I am living in Roy at present. Living with the folks to try to raise a bit of cash to get back out on our (me and the boys) own.