Friday, 24 April 2009

Can't Leave Ryan Out.

Ryan is going to get his own post. He has been misbehaving a little bit lately and I'm pretty sure that I know the reason behind it. Doesn't make dealing with the behavior any easier, but understanding it is a good step in knowing how to take care of it. I've been listening to a man/therapist on the radio recently and will probably end up buying his book. He has so many great ideas on how to parent in an effective way and also to give you tips on how to be your child's friend but also the person in charge. .
Anyway apart from the behavior, Ryan is coming on in leaps and bounds. His vocabulary has increased tri-fold since we've moved and he is becoming more efficient in his shapes, colors, letters and numbers. I definitely have to give props to my childcare provider for a lot of it. She seems to have this effect on him where he wants to go to her house on MY days off, too! Haha! I love that he likes her so much though.

Ryan's recent feats:
Counting 1-15
Spelling his name
knowing his birthday, age and brother's age.
He can color mostly in the lines now
And he can pretty much have a full telephone conversation now. :)
We're working on his address and phone number and shapes and colors. He's so stinkin' cute! He's getting better at understanding things too. ... When I talk to him about something he is starting to understand more of what i say. He amazes me. :)

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