Friday, 5 June 2009

The Broken Duck and Allergies

Yesterday I had to take Cayden to the doctor. When I got to ShopKo to fill the prescription I had gotten for him, I ran into my dad. He asked me if I had heard from my mother about the "broken duck." I told him I hadn't. He then told me that Ryan had gotten super excited when he was outside and ran in to tell my mom that there was a "broken duck" in the back yard. She could not figure out what he was going on about so she decided to go outside and investigate. He led her outside and took her over to a dead starling in the yard. "Look, Grandma! A broken duck!" My mom said to my dad that she just had to chuckle to herself. I thought that story was pretty cute.

And... Back to the doctor visit. Cayden has had a profuse rash in his diaper area for about two weeks. I had some leftover ointment from a previous yeast infection treatment and since I *thought* it looked like thrush I started using it again. The rash didn't get any better, in fact, it got worse! So, I took Cayden to the doctor and found out he's allergic to Pamper's diapers! I know allergies can form at any time, but I used Pampers on him until he was about 5 months old and never had any problems. I switch one time now, because of the 'type' of diaper they are and he's allergic to something in them. Poor guy. He looks a ton better today after only one day, so it's nice to know I got it taken care of.


Tiffany said...

Poor Cayden! Glad he's doing better now. My kids had the same problem with the diapers. Most diapers are scented, how is that good for a baby's delicate skin! We used only huggies and never had a problem again.

Lynners said...

Oh, I hope the rash goes away fast! We had problems with Pampers for a while too.

I love the broken duck story. So cute! You need to bring that up on Prom night and thoroughly embarrass him!