Saturday, 22 November 2008

Twilight the Movie

So, Rachael and I went to see Twilight last night at midnight, along with a bunch of other screaming women. The movie was good, yet a let down at the same time. The movie was obviously very low budget and the special effects weren't that great. It followed the book pretty closely, yet there were things added and things changed to fit the story of the movie. The CGI was okay. The baseball scene and the fight scene were the best two scenes of the whole movie. And the "glistening" in the sun? Yeah, just a bunch of glitter on his body.

Who would have thought that showing up to a movie an hour and a half before the movie starts would make you late for seating? Yeah, we showed up at 10:30 for a 12:03 showing and our theater had already been seated! We sat in the second row because there weren't any other seats left! I will probably go see it again, just to see it at a good angle.

So, all in all. I was pretty disappointed, maybe if I see it again, I may feel differently.


Cassie said...

Ok, so I'll bite on this one. The running looked weird, the glittering body was hilarious (which it should not have been. I was really excited about this part in the book, how sad), and finally the "spider monkey" line was ridiculous.

I just had to rant a little. Although, I didn't hate the movie either. Beside the before mentioned areas I thought the movie was pretty fun.

Lynners said...

I haven't seen it yet. The previews made it look awesome. Too bad it wasn't.