Sunday, 11 February 2007

30th Birthday Party and 20 month old is the star of the show!

We all went to a 30th birthday party last night, for one of Mike's cousins. The party was fun. We got to see family that we haven't seen in a little while, and got to catch up with all the "gossip". The best part of the party was our little man, Ryan. From the moment we walked in the door till it was time to leave, he was on the dance floor dancing his little heart out.
The DJ gave Ryan two "shout-outs". The first one was about halfway through the evening.
"Please give it up for this little fella who has been absolutely superb, and has been dancing his heart out". The second one was at the very end of the night, and it actually made me cry. "before we go, give the la'al fella in the middle a BIG round of applause. He has been dancing all night!" EVERYONE clapped and cheered, and it just filled my heart with joy to know that it was MY boy that was getting all those cheers!

What a great night it was!
See our little rave-cat here:

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